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    ITwo families stayed at the Phuong Dong overnight and...

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    Stayed at the Phuong Dong Hotel in Oct 2011 for 2 night...

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  • Q. HOW TO GET TO Phuong Dong Hotel


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    1. Room

    Phuong Dong Hotel  currently has total 32 rooms, including three room types: Superior, Deluxe and Studio Suites.

    Each room is equipped with a dial up internet computer, free wifi, air/heat center, Mimosa Restaurant & Bar , free fresh fruit upon arrival, and 2 daily bottles of water.

    3. Luggage Storage

    We do provide free luggage storage service. Once you check out, you can come down to the Reception Area; our Bellmen will issue you a luggage ticket that will have your stay detail on it. Please show your ticket when you are ready to get your luggage back.



    1. How to make a booking online?

    You can either send us a request or booking directly with us using our secure booking system: http://www.phuongdonghotel.vietiso.com All information is strictly confidential.

    We encourage guests to book direct with us because through communication, we can have an idea of your preference; thus, making you happy and satisfied with your stay here will be much easier.

    2. Deposit 

    Once deposit is required, please settle it within 5 days of receival. If reservation is canceled 30 days prior arrival, a full refund will be issued. If reservation is canceled 2 weeks before arrival, 50% of your deposit will be given back. If reservation is canceled 1 week prior to arrival, the deposit will be forfeited.

    For cancellation, please contact with us at least 48 hours prior or you will be charge one night stay.

    3. Check-in & Check-out

    Check-in time is 2 pm,  check out time is 12 pm. Early check in upon the room availability. Late check out before 6 pm will be charged as half day room rate

    Your bill will be settled upon checking out.



    1. Phuong Dong Hotel Restaurant and Wine View Bar

    We provide room service for your convenient; also, the restaurant and wine bar on 10th floor opens for breakfast (buffet), lunch, and dinner (ala carte or set menu).

    2. Dinning in Hanoi

    Hanoi has a rich culture of food; some people call it art of dinning. We do have thousands of restaurant serving both Vietnamese and international food (Indian, Thai, French, Italy, ect. You name it, we have it).

    If you fancy for a night out to try Vietnamese signature dishes or international food, we would be happy to suggest some of our customers' most favorite spots



    1. Can I use credit card to withdraw cash?

    Yes, you can withdraw cash at any ATM with bank commission.

    2. Can I use credit card in the hotel?

    Yes, you can pay by credit card without commission for Visa and Master cards at thehotel.

    3. Can I use traveler check in the hotel?

    No, you can not but can change into  Vietnamese dong only at the banks in big cities. 

    4. Where can I make a money exchange?

    You can change your currency for local currency at the hotel, airport, banks, Jewellery shops. You should prepare some cash in USD and Euros ( 50- 100 domination) for better exchange rates. 

    5. What if I have a lot of currency left over when I leave?

    You can change local currency to the currency you brought in only by showing the yellow customs slip that you were given on arrival. The amount must be less than the original. 

    6. What is the payment method for deposit/balance?

    Most of credit cards are accepted at our Hotel. You can make a payment online. We can send you an invoice for deposit or the whole room bill if you prefer. Other than that, the rest can be settled upon checking out.




    1. What will happen if there is an emergency?

    Our receptionist is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Once there is an incident, please contact directly to our Reception Desk and ask for help or an ambulance if it is serious. For minor problem, we will assist you immediately. Other than that, we will contact directly with SOS and other medical centers if needed.

    2. How will medical emergency be dealt with?

    You will be immediately taken to the nearest international clinic or hospital for an immediate examination and appropriate treatment according to the terms of your insurance.

    3. What if I become hospitalized or incapacitated? 

    If you have supplied us with the details of your insurance, we will contact the company on your behalf and assist in any way we can.

    4. Where can I get medical supply?

     You will not need prescription in order to purchase medicine. There are nearby pharmacies that you can visit. If you are tired and not sure where to go, please let us know. We would be happy to help.




    1. What is the weather in Hanoi?

    The weather here is humid throughout the year. Even though we have four seasons, winter is considerably short and cool, not freezing. Each season lasts for approximately 3 months. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter is the season cycle accordingly.

    2. Is there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?

    Yes. Photography in or near military installations, airports or similar locations is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will have the film, and possibly the camera or camcorder, confiscated and may be arrested.

    3. Is there any restrictions on clothing in Vietnam?

    No. People are free religious and can choose to wear anything they want. However, we consider appropriate clothes at public rate is an hidden requirement.

    4. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam and transfer it back to my country?

    A qualified yes. However, exporting an artefact with cultural significance requires an official licence. Without a licence, anything old is liable to be confiscated at the airport.

    5. How can I bring large items with me such as a painting or a piece of furniture?

    We are also registered for export and import activities. We will give you an ‘at cost’ quotation, and arrange for the items to be properly crated and licensed for export.

    6. What is the attitude towards drug in Vietnam?

    The law is strict in Vietnam. The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden, and dealers and persons caught trafficking, whether Vietnamese or foreigner, face excecution. Don`t risk it under any circumstances!

    7. I'm from a country who was your old enemy, will I face hostility?

    You will be surprised by the warmth of our reception. We Vietnamese live in the present and the future – the war is history. We warmly welcome people from all countries and races.


Tại sao chọn chúng tôi

  • Giá trị bằng tiền
  • Chi phí bảo đảm thấp
  • Cleaness and safety
  • No hidden cost, fees
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Secured payment modes
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Longer stay-bigger discount
  • Online discuss with experts
  • Convenient traffic
  • Centre Located